My name is Austeja [aw:stay:yah] Slavickaite Wojtczak [not pronounceable]. It’s a name of an ancient Lithuanian pagan goddess of bees hence that explains my logo. It’s just a lucky old doodle that made it from dusty sketchbook to my profile pic in 2013 and I never bothered to change it. Now it’s grown on me so please be kind to the good ol’ chunky bee.

I was born in Kaunas (Lithuania) and except for 5 years I’ve lived in Edinburgh (Scotland) it’s been my home ever since. I got my BA in Graphic Art here and I went to Edinburgh as an Erasmus student to study Illustration.

I'm particularly fond of classic illustration techniques working mostly in watercolor and ink, however, digital illustration is no stranger to me and I exchange pencil into stylus more and more often. I came to love vectors although it took me a while to make the switch!

Most of my projects are print related. I illustrate books, design cards, prints, packagings. Although I put myself in a shelf with illustrators and graphic designers, I’ve recently started learning animation to add to my skill set as well.

And finally, I present you with a portrait of me, my husband Adam (who made this website) and our little zoo. I noticed putting a picture in ‘about me’ section is a common practice so I hope that will do :)