My name is Austeja [aw:stay:yah], I'm an illustrator and occasionally a graphic designer from Kaunas, Lithuania. After graduating I worked as a graphic designer for a few years until I realized illustration is what I'm the most passionate about and I've been doing that full-time ever since. My art is inspired by nature, animals, birds and little joys and adventures of everyday life.
I was born in Kaunas (Lithuania) where I got my BA in Graphic Art. In 2012 I moved to Edinburgh (Scotland) as an Erasmus student to study Illustration and I stayed there for 4 more years working and building my portfolio. I am now back in my hometown working as a freelance illustrator with clients all over the world and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.
I'm particularly fond of classic illustration techniques working mostly in watercolor and ink, however, digital illustration is no stranger to me and I exchange pencil into stylus more and more often. Digital and especially vector art can be a superior choice in many situations, however, I don't think it will ever be my primary medium. 80% of my client work and 100% of my personal projects are done the old school way.
Most of my projects are print related. I illustrate books, design cards, prints and packaging. I love to mix techniques, experiment and learn new things. Recently I've been learning animation to have more opportunities and flexibility when it comes to both client and personal projects.
And finally, I present you with a portrait of my husband Adam, myself and the best dog - Django. Adam is the developer behind my website and I am incredibly grateful for it. You can find his GitHub link on the bottom of the page.